Flat Roof Repairs

Get Excellent Flat Roof Repairs in These 5 Steps

When it comes to roofing repairs, we at JB Building and Maintenance always have our clients’ interests at heart. Knowing how important a good roof is for both commercial and domestic buildings, we offer timely, affordable and topnotch flat roof repairs in Kenilworth and beyond.

First things first, flat roofs are quite common. This is because the roof works well for both domestic and commercial settings. And in as much as flat roofs are a majority’s choice, there are numerous concerns about roof repairs and flat roof repairs Warwick happen to be the most sought after. 

For this reason, we have highlighted 5 key steps that we at JB Building and Maintenance must consider when repairing a flat roof:

  • We inspect the roof to clearly understand the roofing materials – Different roofing materials require different approaches when doing repairs. It is therefore our duty to inspect a building before determining the kind of repair services to be offered. 
  • We identify the damage – We cannot offer detailed roofing services without identifying where the problem is. As flat roof repairs Lamington experts, we take time to examine a roof to identify areas that are faulty. If there are visible leaks, then the job becomes an easy one. However, visible or not, it is our job to ensure that every roof we touch is free from water seepages.
  • We have the right repair materials – Roof repair materials depend on the type of roofing. For example, for EPDM roofing Kenilworth repairs, we have the best kind of industrial adhesive to ensure that the seam is fully bonded. But first, it is our duty to clean the part of the roof that needs repair to ensure that the debris that sits on the roof is not a limiting factor. 
  • We replace roofing frames if need be – When a roof is damaged, chances are that the wood underneath is also damaged. As professionals, it is our duty to inspect every plywood and/or framing to ensure that there are no cracks or chips. And if there is any visible damage, we don’t hold back our expert advice. Whether a tiny chip, crack or nick, installing a new roofing frame would be the advice to give to the client.
  • We clean up after – Roof repairs are what we do best. And by the time the damage is fixed, we will have created quite a mess. The best thing about JB Building and Maintenance is that we clean up after our own mess. We take time to remove all the excess material, debris and dust that might have been left behind during our repair process.